Sloping Airport

Airport Way-Finding Prototype Study

Harvard Graduate School of Design M.Arch II Studio

TIME: 2009

SCALE: 20,000-40,000 sqm

LOCATION: Bucharest

STATUS: Studio On going research

This Study is focused on the design methodology of applying single module to complex system, both programmatic and geometrical. Started from the rethinking of airport way finding,  it is intended to explore an new prototype of airport, embed to a local airport project in Bucharest, Romania.

Thinking the airport’s navigation, it is usually guided by complex signage systems. while the new proposal is to create an downhill ramp, which guide the passengers with gravity. By doing so, the passengers on both sides are always walking down with out intersect, at the same time to share facilities and services in between. The design methodology includes geometry tessellation, structure development, and effects evaluation. The curved surface is construed with rule surfaces, which could be build with straight structural elements.

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