Mixed Hospitality
Unfold Layers

TIME: 2017

LOCATION: Zhangjiajie, Hunan

SCALE: 9,000 sqm

PROGRAM: Hotel, Apartment, Conference Center

STATUS: In Progress

TEAM: Xing Xiong, Alex Leung, Chenyue Chen, Qiuchen Yu

This project is an expansion of the existing hotel with extra programs of condo apartment, conference center and other facilities. Given a long and narrow site, it started with the program distribution, according to privacy and publicity driven by the height and connection to the existing hotel. Sequences of roof terraces are created to give a smoother massing transition between the old and new. Rooms, balconies, roof gardens, and public spaces are facing to south, fully embracing the splendid view of city skyline, which is called the “Sky Gate”. The inner space scale and program are layered on the facade, becomes a sectional expression.

Diagrammatic Progress

Structure and layers



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