Hangzhou Asia Design Management Forum & Fair 2016


TIME: 2016

SCALE: 600 sqm

LOCATION: Hangzhou, China

STATUS: Completed and Exhibited at Hangzhou ADM 2016

The Asia Design Management (ADM) Forum & Ideal Life Fair has invited design managers and innovators from all over the world to share their professional experiences and skills to the next generation of designers and entrepreneurs. Since 2013, over 100 famous, top level design experts from over 10 different countries in the fields of service improvement, urban innovation, and life innovation have given attendees an exclusive look into what it takes to succeed via speeches, prize ceremonies, salon talks, and open classes.

ADM 2016 is located at Hangzhou Boiler Factory, an abandoned industrial plant. Taking the advantage of site, in this specific exhibition block called “??” (Herbal), it is to create a umbrella to host various of brands, as well as to reflect the exhibition theme: nature and origin.

Parametric Control


Water Projection


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